It’s Been So Long

Sorry, I haven’t written in sooooooooooooooo long. I’ve had a lot going on from my daughter being sick and out of school for almost 2 weeks and then my step-daughter coming up from Texas for her spring break for a week and so on. During my step- daughter’s stay we went a lot of places, so I had many opportunities to wear my niqab in new environments. And got a lot more practice eating under my niqab. I’m almost a pro. Lol.

We went to Dave’s and Busters one day. Salah came in while we were there, so I prayed inside one of the cars for the arcade game. It was inside of a huge mall. I tend not to really notice if anyone’s staring when I’m with my husband because he’s occupying me, but I noticed a few, especially when a jewish lady and I just locked eyes as she turned her head to keep looking at me, so I figured why not do the same? We went to chucke cheese 2 days after that. It was sooo hot in there and I could tell my face was red from the heat under my niqab. A sister met us there with her husband and daughter, but by the time she’d gotten there, we were pretty hungry, so we split soon after. Twice we ate at a halal restaurant called Kings. They have screens you can put up while eating, but the first time we went, those seats were taken, so I had to just eat under my niqab, which I thought went quite successfully, considering I used steak sauce on my steak and had gravy on my mashed potatoes. The second time we went, I was excited to see the screened seats were open, but really disappointed the moment we were seated. The people behind were cursing, playing music on their phones, and pretty much just acting like fools. Why you would talk and act this way in a FAMILY restaurant is beyond me. When my husband got to the table a few minutes later, he asked what was wrong, (I don’t know how he knew what face I was making under my niqab lol), but I said we needed to change our seats. The waitress let us know I wouldn’t be able to be screened anywhere else, but I didn’t want my children to be subjected to that type of language.

Then the youngest two kids and I went to Toys R Us, Walmart, and the grocery store with my niqab on. I was on the phone with a sister and then my mother in all the stores so I wasn’t paying people much mind and by the time I was on my way home I realized, hey I wasn’t worried about anyone staring at me all day. I was proud of myself for not caring.