Back To School

Alhamdulillah, school starts next friday for my 2 oldest kids insha Allah. I haven’t decided whether I wanna put my 2 yr old in yet. Maybe if I go to school. At least now, school is a 4 minute drive from my apartment instead of an hour. Big stress reducer. I’m trying to figure out how to fit nightly classes at the masjid into the schedule somehow insha Allah. With cooking, bathes, and everything else that happens at night, I don’t see how I can, but I’ve gotta try. Need an iman booster.
In other news, I’m doing ok after the surgery. I still have the urge to cry sometimes when I see a baby on tv or touch my belly out of forgetfulness, but alhamdulillah, I remind myself that what was meant to hit me, could’ve never passed me.
I’m getting so much more comfortable wearing niqab now. I’ve moved to a city with a much bigger muslim community, so it’s just an everyday thing for them to see a niqabi. So even when I went school shopping last week in a mall that usually makes me very anxious, I didn’t even really remember I had it on unless someone really stared in my face.


Catch Up

I feel like I’m writing ‘catch up’s’ too much now. Lol. Anywho, I am, once again, looking for an apartment insha Allah. Yes, there’s a reason some of my friends call me a gypsy. But wait, I have good reason. The morning drive to the kids’ school on a good day has been about an hour. I cannot take another school year of this. But, speaking of school, the year is almost over. I’m so happy I picked this school. My kids have learned so much in every way. But the summer approaches and my step daughter is coming up for the summer insha Allah, so it’s into “how to not have bored kids on my hands” mode. HELP!
As for my niqab, I’m getting more and more comfortable wearing it, Alhamdulillah. A lovely sister mailed me a niqab from I love it sooooooooooooooooo much. It’s so light and beautiful. It became my new favorite the moment I took it out the package. I go into a panic if I can’t find it when I’m about to leave. Lol. I would highly recommend this niqab to anyone, especially sisters who have had problems breathing in other niqabs because of the thick and heavy fabric.
Well, I guess that’s all for now. I will really try to write more often insha Allah.


Many disbelievers and, unfortunately, many muslims think wearing the niqab is extreme. I feel what’s extreme to a person depends on what their morals and lifestyle are. My covering is extreme to someone who ‘flaunts what they got’ and ‘let’s it all hang out’. My abstaining from drinking alcohol is extreme to someone who drinks until they can’t remember what happened last night. My praying five times a day is extreme to someone who only prays when they need something. My abstaining from sex outside of marriage is extreme to someone who feels they need to know what someone is ‘working with’ before they get married.
What really confuses is when Christians say they can’t be muslim because of all the extreme restrictions. Did I miss the book in the bible that says a woman can go out with her head uncovered (yes, it says a woman has to cover her head in the bible), or where it says it’s ok to fornicate, or where it says to sin and live life to the fullest when your young and worry about the punishment later? I don’t think so.
Then we come to the muslims who say the niqab is extreme… Are you calling the wives of the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa salaam) extreme? Are you saying the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa salaam) let his wives and the female companions around him practice something extreme? I hear muslims say a niqabis appearance repels people from islam and trying to understand our religion. My duty, as a muslim, first and foremost is to my Lord. Not pleasing the people and making myself uncomfortable so that others will feel comfortable approaching me. If someone looks at me and, in their ignorance, thinks I’m dangerous, extreme, or to weak to form an opinion to speak with them, then that’s on them. I am practicing a part of Islam by wearing my niqab and I won’t abandon something pleasing to my Lord to make others comfortable.
It’s extreme to me to hear muslims say that don’t cover at all because they’re blending in with the community so they can call people to Islam. So basically, you’re abandoning something Allah has made obligatory on you, to call to Allah’s religion? Hmm…. let me think about that for a minute….. No go. This sounds the same to me as someone saying, “I went out drinking with him to talk about Islam” Muslims would hear this person and say, “That makes no sense. You’re calling to Islam while committing a sin.” Um, HELLO!
My niqab isn’t extreme for me because it fits with the way I live my life. Trying to be obedient to my Lord and trying to be a modest woman. If you think that’s extreme, then maybe you need to look at your standards!

Catch Up

So much has been going on. Where to begin……. I guess at the beginning. Lol. Well since the last time I blogged, I’m in my new apartment and I actually like it here. I only dislike I when I go grocery shopping and then pull up to my building and realize I live on the 3rd floor. It’s 32 steps. Enough said. My 6 and 3 year old have started Islamic school. I loveeeeeeeee to pick my kids up and hear my daughter telling me what she learned about Allah that day and hearing my son recite Naas the whole way home. My daughter has already learned Asr and is now learning Takathur Alhamdulillah. The teachers are doing so well with them and my daughter loves how she everyone wears hijab like her. It’s an hour drive in the morning and about 45 minute drive in the afternoon, but it’s so worth it and I feel so blessed Allah has given us the opportunity to have our children in Islamic School. My daughter’s class and some of the older grades did a mock hajj in early October. I almost cried just seeing my little girl “making hajj”. It was so touching. My 1 year old is still at home. He’s become extra cuddly now that he has me all to himself most of the day.
As for my darling niqab, I made a decision not to remove it except around family and so far, so good. When shaytan starts to whisper, I totally dismiss the thought and remind myself why I wear it and ignore the stares and comments. 2 nights ago my son suddenly got a fever and had to out to get medicine. I don’t go out at night (unless I’m with my husband) and it was Halloween so I expected people to be acting extra ignorant. I got dressed and shaytan whispers, “You’ll be in and out, you don’t really need to wear niqab this time.” So at first, I put it back in the closet, then I thought, “What am I doing?” I put it on and went to the store. Then I wondered if people in the store thought I was being a niqabi for Halloween. Lol.
I guess that about sums it.

So Much Going On

I haven’t written in over a month, I’ve has a lot going on (as my title lets you know lol). I moved into my new apartment. Packing and unpacking, ughh. And I’m the kind of person who has to have the whole house unpacked as soon as possible. So I was still unpacking at like 1 in the morning. Obviously I’m all unpacked now lol. My husband says I have OCD with moving furniture, so I’ve already changed the living room around about 4 or 5 times.
Then I’m trying to register my two older kids for Islamic School, so choosing one is confusing. My husband and I have different favorites.
Ramadan started off great. Reading and offering sunnahs and such, but I slowly started feeling less and less ‘spiritual’, I guess I’ll say. I was so overwhelmed with the kids and packing that I let myself become busied and lazy. The eid was ok. It rained around 1 so basically everything shut down. Hubby took me on a date that night but then, I think, the food made me really sick and I basically passed out. Nice lol.
I’m not in a new area really because all the grocery stores and stuff I’m going to now are in the town near us, where I grew up, but wearing my niqab to these stores is a new experience. One store is where a man followed my daughter and me around the store calling me a slave and rumbling on, so often when I pull into the parking lot, I remember this. But Allah protects the believers, so in Allah I put my trust.
I’m so looking forward to going to the store on Friday insha Allah and getting a good Islamic book to read. I have so many books, but either I’ve read them or I read a little and it just didn’t catch me. I can get bored with a book easily, if the first few pages don’t grab me in. I saw a Islamic self help book on amazon that I’m thinking about getting. I’ve read good reviews about it and I could use a pick me up. When I go to say barnes and nobles and look for books about being less angry (yes, I can admit I have anger issues) or things of this nature, more often that not, I flip through the pages and see multiple bible scriptures, so I put it back and leave the store discouraged.
Well, that’s what going on in my life. Probably gonna fast tomorrow insha Allah, to make up for allllllllll the days I still need to fast from years before this one. I finally got internet at the new apartment (as you can see), so I’m gonna go browse. See ya!


A lot of people say muslim women wear hijab to stop men from behaving a certain way with them. I would like to say… I cannot control the way any man thinks or acts. I wear hijab because Allah ordered me to. Because being modest is a part of being a muslim. And yes, one of the purposes of wearing hijab is to be known as a muslim woman and so as not to be annoyed and harassed. This being said, men are men. If a man has a dirty mind or is just plain old crazy, he will think what he wants when he looks at me regardless. I cannot control what any man thinks when he sees me, but, with my hijab, I can control what he sees of me. I don’t think every man is a rapist or some lust-crazed maniac, but my hijab is a protection from those that are. Just as a person locks their doors at night, not because they think everyone is a burglar, but because they know some people are. Both are done as a protection against the evils that we all know some people have in them.

Why Should I Wear Hijab?

Very beneficial article to answer this question. Sisters have got to realize hijab is an honor, not a burden or oppression.

This is a good question and there is a beautiful answer! Allaah has commanded us with every action that is good for us and prohibited us from performing every action that is bad for us. Allaah orders the Muslim woman to wear the hijaab when she steps out of the security of her home or when in the presence of strange men. So to wear the hijaab is a source of great good for you – the Muslim woman – for many reasons. Among them:
1.You please Allaah. You are obeying the commands of your Lord when you wear the hijaab and you can expect great rewards in return.
It is Allaah’s protection of your natural beauty. You are too precious to be “on display” for each man to see.

It is Allaah’s preservation of your chastity.

Allaah purifies your heart and mind through the hijaab.

Allaah beautifies your inner and outer countenance with hijaab. Outwardly your hijaab reflects innocence, purity, modesty, shyness, serenity, contentment and obedience to your Lord. Inwardly you cultivate the same.

Allaah defines your femininity through the hijaab. You are a woman who respects her womanhood. Allaah wants you to be respected by others, and for you to respect yourself.

Allaah raises your dignity through the hijaab. When a strange man looks at you, he respects you because he sees that you respect yourself.


Allaah protects your honour 100% through your hijaab. Men do not gaze at you in a sensual way, they do not approach you in a sensual way, and neither do they speak to you in a sensual way. Rather, a man holds you in high esteem and that is just by one glance at you!

Allaah gives you nobility through the hijaab. You are noble not degraded because you covered not naked.

Allaah demonstrates your equality as a Muslim woman through the hijaab. Your Lord bestows upon you equal worth as your male counterpart, and gives you a host of beautiful rights and liberties. You express your acceptance of these unique rights by putting on the hijaab.

Allaah defines your role as a Muslim woman through the hijaab. You are a someone with important duties. You are a reflection of a woman of action not idle pursuits. You display your sense of direction and purpose through your hijaab. You are someone that people take seriously.

Allaah expresses your independence through the hijaab. You are stating clearly that you are an obedient servant of the Greatest Master. You will obey no one else and follow no other way. You are not a slave to any man, nor a slave to any nation. You are free and independent from all man-made systems.

Allaah gives you the freedom of movement and expression through the hijaab. You are able to move about and communicate without fear of harassment. Your hijaab gives you a unique confidence.

Allaah wants others to treat you – a Muslim woman – with kindness. And the hijaab brings about the best treatment of men towards you.

Allaah wants your beauty to be preserved and saved for just one man to enjoy – your husband.

Allaah helps you to enjoy a successful marriage through wearing hijaab. Because you reserve your beauty for one man alone, your husband’s love for you increases, he cherishes you more, he respects you more and he honours you more. So your hijaab contributes to a successful and lasting marriage relationship.

Allaah brings about peace and stability in the society through the hijaab! Yes this is true! Men do not cause corruption by forming illegal relationships because you – the Muslim woman – calm their passions. When a man looks at you, he feels at ease, not tempted to fornicate…

So a Muslim woman in hijaab is dignified, not dishonoured, noble, not degraded, liberated, not subjugated, purified, not sullied, independent, not a slave, protected, not exposed, respected, not laughed at, confident, not insecure, obedient, not a sinner, a guarded pearl, not a prostitute…

Dear Muslim sister! Come towards the gates of Paradise with us! Fulfill your duties towards Allaah, put on your adornment – put on your hijaab, and race towards Jannah (Paradise) by doing all good actions. You should agree by now that wearing hijaab is extremely beneficial – it must be – because Allaah only commands what is good…

…and believe me dear sister, it is good to obey the commands of your Lord…

“Their reward is with their Lord: Gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow wherein they will dwell for ever; Allaah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him; this is (in store) for whoever fears his Lord.” [Sooratul-Bayyinah 98:8]