So Much Going On

I haven’t written in over a month, I’ve has a lot going on (as my title lets you know lol). I moved into my new apartment. Packing and unpacking, ughh. And I’m the kind of person who has to have the whole house unpacked as soon as possible. So I was still unpacking at like 1 in the morning. Obviously I’m all unpacked now lol. My husband says I have OCD with moving furniture, so I’ve already changed the living room around about 4 or 5 times.
Then I’m trying to register my two older kids for Islamic School, so choosing one is confusing. My husband and I have different favorites.
Ramadan started off great. Reading and offering sunnahs and such, but I slowly started feeling less and less ‘spiritual’, I guess I’ll say. I was so overwhelmed with the kids and packing that I let myself become busied and lazy. The eid was ok. It rained around 1 so basically everything shut down. Hubby took me on a date that night but then, I think, the food made me really sick and I basically passed out. Nice lol.
I’m not in a new area really because all the grocery stores and stuff I’m going to now are in the town near us, where I grew up, but wearing my niqab to these stores is a new experience. One store is where a man followed my daughter and me around the store calling me a slave and rumbling on, so often when I pull into the parking lot, I remember this. But Allah protects the believers, so in Allah I put my trust.
I’m so looking forward to going to the store on Friday insha Allah and getting a good Islamic book to read. I have so many books, but either I’ve read them or I read a little and it just didn’t catch me. I can get bored with a book easily, if the first few pages don’t grab me in. I saw a Islamic self help book on amazon that I’m thinking about getting. I’ve read good reviews about it and I could use a pick me up. When I go to say barnes and nobles and look for books about being less angry (yes, I can admit I have anger issues) or things of this nature, more often that not, I flip through the pages and see multiple bible scriptures, so I put it back and leave the store discouraged.
Well, that’s what going on in my life. Probably gonna fast tomorrow insha Allah, to make up for allllllllll the days I still need to fast from years before this one. I finally got internet at the new apartment (as you can see), so I’m gonna go browse. See ya!