What Are You?

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school for her evaluation. The meeting was at 9, so I figured I would run into my daughter since her bus arrives at the same time. I watched her walk into the school from her bus and waited a while before going in.  But when I walked in, she was still standing there with her class waiting to be escorted to the class, so SURPRISE! Lol. She turned around in shock. All her classmates looked at me and i guess put 2 and 2 together and said, “Hey Zaynah’s mom.” I took a seat to wait for the child study team to come get my husband and I and the whole class followed suit. My daughter said, “You see my baby?”, talking about my youngest son. so the class came over to take a look and one little girl asked me, “Do you talk?” Then the next asked, “What are you?” The teacher got so embarrassed, but it was ok, they’re curious.Then she got the kids ready to go and I waved goodbye to my little princess.

I figured the teacher would’ve told the other people in the meeting to expect me to walk in with a niqab on, but from the shock I saw on their faces when I entered, I gather that she didn’t. They wouldn’t look at me basically the whole. Only my husband and children. I found this quite rude. Her teacher was much more comfortable with it and actually made eye contact when speaking to me. After listening to what I’ve already heard from her previous school about her disabilities, we got our papers from the counselor, who seemed like she couldn’t wait to be done with the meeting, and left.

Then later on, my husband and I went on sort of a double date, with the sister he’s being a wakil for and her intended. Sort of awkward since it was their first face to face, so naturally they were nervous. We went to a restaurant and I had to master eating under my niqab, I think I did quite while, even though some of the food ended up on my abaya and then the floor.


"Love for the Sunnah"


This is a new project we launched yesterday at King Saud University. it’s a
complete online interactive Arabic and it’s completely FREE. it’s a service
that King Saud University offers to the international community around the
world. You can start learning immediately after the short registration. You
can follow any of these two links:



Please don’t hesitate to provide us with any suggestions or comments

twitter @interactivearab

Kindly forward this to those interested in learning Arabic

Interactive Arabic Team

Arabic Language institute at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, is proud
to launch the Interactive Arabic Project. The Interactive Arabic is a
pioneering online Arabic Language project which provides a very rich
environment equipped with advanced technologies. The purpose of the project
is to help nonnative speakers interested in learning Arabic by offering
complete Arabic lessons to be available for free on the internet.

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There’s A First Time For Everything

My husband and I were invited to a muslim sister’s retirement party. Eyebrow raised, I said I would accompany him. I know some people who will be there, who see me in niqab, but my mother-in-law is coming, who has only seen me in niqab once.
When my husband and I owned a store, she popped by one weekend and saw me sitting there in niqab. Out of shock and not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, I flipped it back. She was surprised, but didn’t make a fuss over it. So tonight will be the first official time she’ll see me in niqab. It makes me nervous for some reason. I don’t think she’ll say anything or act differently, but for some reason, I’m nervous about it.
Then to top it off, I made a joke about there being a dj at the party and my husband said, “there probably will be.” I made this joke because I went to her son’s anniversary party and was quite confused and unhappy to see a dj when I got there. I’m thinking, “ain’t this a muslim event. What the heck?” So I think you can all guess I’m not too excited about tonight, but I think its looks bad when we’re invited somewhere as a couple, and only 1 of us goes. Like there’s discord or something. So I’ll put on my happy face (that no one can see lol) and hopefully somewhat enjoy my night. But if anyone breaks out the electric slide, I’m outta there. Lol.

New Places, New Disgusted Faces

Yesterday, hubby, the kids, and I went to a new shoprite on our way home from the meat store. The moment we went to get a cart, the looks of disgust began. I’m like, “uhhh, ok, he;s rude but whatever.” We went in and everyone at the entrance was at a stand still because some lady was blocking the walkway with her cart. So annoying. I hate when people block the way or hog the aisle. We finally got in and started for the produce section, stares, stares, and more stares. I started wondering if I was just imagining things. Nope, they were actually being rude and insensitive. We browsed through the store, all the while I was getting more and more aggravated. Very uncomfortable experience. I was so happy to get out that store, only to have to wait for my husband to come out and this lady stared at me like I was about to stick up the joint. Lol.

Surah Ali Imran: 118

O you who believe! Take not as Bitanah (advisors, consultants, protectors, helpers, friends, etc.) those outside your religion since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Ayat if you understand.