Many disbelievers and, unfortunately, many muslims think wearing the niqab is extreme. I feel what’s extreme to a person depends on what their morals and lifestyle are. My covering is extreme to someone who ‘flaunts what they got’ and ‘let’s it all hang out’. My abstaining from drinking alcohol is extreme to someone who drinks until they can’t remember what happened last night. My praying five times a day is extreme to someone who only prays when they need something. My abstaining from sex outside of marriage is extreme to someone who feels they need to know what someone is ‘working with’ before they get married.
What really confuses is when Christians say they can’t be muslim because of all the extreme restrictions. Did I miss the book in the bible that says a woman can go out with her head uncovered (yes, it says a woman has to cover her head in the bible), or where it says it’s ok to fornicate, or where it says to sin and live life to the fullest when your young and worry about the punishment later? I don’t think so.
Then we come to the muslims who say the niqab is extreme… Are you calling the wives of the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa salaam) extreme? Are you saying the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa salaam) let his wives and the female companions around him practice something extreme? I hear muslims say a niqabis appearance repels people from islam and trying to understand our religion. My duty, as a muslim, first and foremost is to my Lord. Not pleasing the people and making myself uncomfortable so that others will feel comfortable approaching me. If someone looks at me and, in their ignorance, thinks I’m dangerous, extreme, or to weak to form an opinion to speak with them, then that’s on them. I am practicing a part of Islam by wearing my niqab and I won’t abandon something pleasing to my Lord to make others comfortable.
It’s extreme to me to hear muslims say that don’t cover at all because they’re blending in with the community so they can call people to Islam. So basically, you’re abandoning something Allah has made obligatory on you, to call to Allah’s religion? Hmm…. let me think about that for a minute….. No go. This sounds the same to me as someone saying, “I went out drinking with him to talk about Islam” Muslims would hear this person and say, “That makes no sense. You’re calling to Islam while committing a sin.” Um, HELLO!
My niqab isn’t extreme for me because it fits with the way I live my life. Trying to be obedient to my Lord and trying to be a modest woman. If you think that’s extreme, then maybe you need to look at your standards!


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