A lot of people say muslim women wear hijab to stop men from behaving a certain way with them. I would like to say… I cannot control the way any man thinks or acts. I wear hijab because Allah ordered me to. Because being modest is a part of being a muslim. And yes, one of the purposes of wearing hijab is to be known as a muslim woman and so as not to be annoyed and harassed. This being said, men are men. If a man has a dirty mind or is just plain old crazy, he will think what he wants when he looks at me regardless. I cannot control what any man thinks when he sees me, but, with my hijab, I can control what he sees of me. I don’t think every man is a rapist or some lust-crazed maniac, but my hijab is a protection from those that are. Just as a person locks their doors at night, not because they think everyone is a burglar, but because they know some people are. Both are done as a protection against the evils that we all know some people have in them.


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