Girls Day Out

My mother, sister, and I had a girls day out. No nights out because uhhhh I don’t do those and hubby don’t play that. Lol. First we went to a dine in movie theatre. It was my first time there so I had no idea what to expect. We got our tickets to see ‘The Host’ and were seated not too far from the scene. It didn’t have ascending seats, so when we got to our seats, I thought, ‘whip-lash’. Haha. I don’t eat non halal meat so I cautiously ordered the salmon. I say cautiously because I had watched a show on how 80% of salmon have these live worms in them and if it’s not cooked correctly, they enter your digestive system when you eat the salmon and could possible wreck havoc. Sorry if I grossed anyone out. Anyway, I got blackened salmon, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables and rasberry iced tea. Uhhh iced tea- strike one. It tasted unsweetend and weird. I was now very worried about how my food would taste. The movie started, but there were little lights by where they would place our food so we would be able to see. The food came after a while. I gave it a look over. It looked fine. It was all good, except the mashed potatoes had a weird taste and lumps of something in it and fearing it could possibly be some type of pork, I just left it alone. I couldn’t see well enough to distinguish exactly what it was, so when in doubt, don’t eat it. Lol. The movie was ok. I guess I had very high expectations because it was from the same woman who wrote twilight. Afterwards we walked around the mall and then barnes and nobles. The awkward part came when we were window shopping for clothes and I told my mom and sis about a new black dress I bought and described it to them. After a moment my mom asked, ‘where are you gonna wear that at”‘ I said, ‘the house’. They both burst out in laughter and my mom said, ‘oh cause we were wondering where you’re gonna wear it at? Not outside. Hahaha.’ I was offended honestly, that they would laugh like that. Then my mom asked, ‘why would you wear in it the house”‘ I said, ‘uhh because I have a husband I wanna look nice for.” But their faces clearly showed that wasn’t an idea they could wrap their minds around. Whatever. I guess the idea of wearing nice clothes is to get everyone elses’ attention and look like crap in the house.
After walking around the mall a little more, we went back to my moms house and I waited for my husband to come pick me up. Ok day I guess.


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