Umm, Where’s Your Dad?

Literally, while I’m writing this, there’s a little boy me around the park calling me ninja, saying there’s a ninja in my house. Not in a mean way, but life he’s protecting me or something. Like he will not leave me. I go to the swings, he follows. I go to adjust my son’s shoe, he follows. Its aggravating me, but at the same time, it appears he thinks I’m his ninja princess. Lol.
I jush pushed my son down the slide and suddenly behind me, I hear, “ninja!’ That was a little creepy. Then as I’m leaving he says, ‘no more ninja.” Hahaha. It was funny though. He didn’t seem to do it outta ignorance, but more like he adored me. It was cute.


2 thoughts on “Umm, Where’s Your Dad?

  1. Subhannaallah!

    Oh, I’ve heard that one many times lol. Along with robot, monster and a whole host of other things lol. Children can be so original sometimes, lol, mashallah.

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