Messy Niqab

Last night hubby and I went to an award ceremony for people who’ve helped the muslim communities over the years. I wasn’t so much interested in that, as much as having an adult night out and hopefully good halal food. We got there and I was delighted to see bread on the table. I like bread so much I have cravings for it even when I’m not pregnant. Lol. Good thing I didn’t devour the bread at our table when I first sat down because it turned out that table was “vip”, so we had to move back a table. I would’ve felt so bad when someone sat down and had no bread because I gobbled it down. When we got to our new table, I patiently and anxiously looked around waiting to see other people eating their bread, but when the servers started handed out appetizers, I figured it was ok to eat my bread… and my husband’s bread. Hahaha. After some finger foods and the opening speech, they handed out penne pasta with some type of sauce on it. As soon as I saw the sauce, i knew my niqab had a problem. I was doing pretty good at getting the food to my mouth under my niqab until.. (dramatic music)…. I didn’t lift my niqab up on the side enough and sauce got all over it. I wiped it off and dabbed some water on it and tried another mouthful. This time it hit my face, fell down my khimar and into my lap. Alhamdulillah, I usually carry wipes in my purse so I used those to clean myself up and very cautiously ate the rest. A few more awards were given out and then the main course arrived… baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and carrots. I looked at my husband and said, “Take two.” The main course was a lot more successful.

The evening got awkward when someone got up to give a speech on behalf of a sister who was receiving an award, but couldn’t make it. She proceeded to read about elijah muhammad and saying may Allah bless him and grant him paradise, etc.. I’m pretty sure the people at my table noticed my head jerk up in surprise to hear that kinda crap. I wanted to leave at that point. I prefer not to sit around when people are talking nonsense. After that, dessert came out. I was so excited because I knew it would be ice cream, but that quickly changed when I realized it had strawberry sauce on it. I ate a little without getting it on my niqab, but uhh no thanx.

Then a brother gave a presentation about islam’s contributions to humanity. I found that part very interesting, as I learned about many aspects I didn’t know muslims were the first to contribute in. Then some more awards and then another awkward elijah muhammad moment, so I thought it was time to go because I was starting to get aggravated. People sometimes talk about that in some communities around here, but I didn’t expect it there given I knew most of the masjids participating in the event, and I know they aren’t upon that foolishness. But masha Allah, may Allah guide them to islam. Ameen.

I didn’t even get a look at the inside of my niqab yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna need a gooooood washing after last night. Lol

Bye, bye from niqabi land.


One thought on “Messy Niqab

  1. It is good how you are keeping up with your niqaab despite the difficulties, hopefully ur blog could be a source of encouragement for other muslim ladies….MAY ALLAH BLESS U!!!

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