Reminder Of The Hell- Fire

The other night, while cooking, I burnt my hand on the pan. It made me remember something that happened a little over 2 years ago.

I had just moved into my new apartment at that time and soon realized the radiator cover in the kitchen, wasn’t actually covering any radiator. So the kitchen was freezinggggggg. I would put a pan with water inside the oven to keep the kitchen warm when I wasn’t cooking or when the kids weren’t in there. So one day when I was about to cook, I took the metal pan out of the oven, dumped the water out, and left it in the sink to cool off before I would wash it. I popped whatever I was cooking in the stove and forgot how hot the pan I took out of the oven would be. I wrapped all my fingers around it and grabbed the handle. I instantly dropped it, but I couldn’t escape the pain. It was so hot, I got a few blisters on my hand. But in the moment that I grabbed the pan, all I could think about was the Hell- Fire. “How can I do things deserving of Hell- Fire, as if I can handle the punishment, when just grabbing this pot for a moment has me in tears from the pain?” I kept thinking about it all night. The flames of Hell- Fire are much more severe and longer lasting. The heat and pain from the pot couldn’t even compare to the heat and pain of the Hell- Fire. Everytime I looked or tended to the blisters, I kept thinking about the Hell- Fire.

Many times I hear and see muslims do things that they know are wrong, as if Allah will not or cannot punish them. As if they can handle Allah’s punishment. And of course this a reminder to  myself as well: Allah is Most Merciful and Forgiving, but He is also Severe in punishment.

So I hope this is a reminder to my fellow brothers and sisters to constantly repent to Allah and hope for His Love and Forgiveness, but fear His Wrath and Punishment.


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