Can I Help You?

Last night, I went to the local dollar store to get some books for the kids. My 11 month old fell asleep on the way there, so I knew my husband would be staying in the car with him because he absolutely detests waking up children. So when we got there, I got the older kids out the car and we got a cart and headed in. I was happy to see there weren’t many people there. I made my way to the toy aisle and got my first double take of the night. She looked, looked again, and then shook her head. I laughed and got some balloons and kept it moving. We got some toys and headed to the book aisle. Once there, I saw what I’m pretty sure was a gay guy and a girl, who laughed and decided to sing church songs. I just laughed. Those songs won’t sound so good on the Day of Judgment! They continued to sing these songs everytime they passed the aisle I was in. Whatever, ignorance. Then I went to get pans and this guy walked over to where I was and  came so close, I started to freak out on the inside and pulled my kids closer, then he finally left. That was really weird. After getting a few more things, we headed to check-out, which would turn out to be the most awkward part of the shopping trip. I saw there were people not quite in line, but by the register, so I stood behind them, not wanting to cut them. One lady walked in the check-out aisle and the other just stared and stared and stared. I was looking at something my daughter wanted, but I could see her out the corner of my eye. I wanted to turn around and ask, “Uh, can I help you?” After about 15 seconds, I thought maybe I blocking something she wanted to get to, so I looked at her and then she finally stopped staring and went into the check-out aisle as well. I’m thinking, “Wow, if that wasn’t extra rude.” Then my son pushed the cart and it clipped the back of one of the ladies’ foot. I said I was sorry, but she gave me a look of sheer disgust. O well.

Bye, bye from niqabi land. I’m off to get my son’s blood drawn at the lab by my house, so I’m sure this will be a morning of people drawing in as if they can’t possibly hear through a piece of cloth, stares, and me shaking my head at how rude people are.


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