What Are You?

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school for her evaluation. The meeting was at 9, so I figured I would run into my daughter since her bus arrives at the same time. I watched her walk into the school from her bus and waited a while before going in.  But when I walked in, she was still standing there with her class waiting to be escorted to the class, so SURPRISE! Lol. She turned around in shock. All her classmates looked at me and i guess put 2 and 2 together and said, “Hey Zaynah’s mom.” I took a seat to wait for the child study team to come get my husband and I and the whole class followed suit. My daughter said, “You see my baby?”, talking about my youngest son. so the class came over to take a look and one little girl asked me, “Do you talk?” Then the next asked, “What are you?” The teacher got so embarrassed, but it was ok, they’re curious.Then she got the kids ready to go and I waved goodbye to my little princess.

I figured the teacher would’ve told the other people in the meeting to expect me to walk in with a niqab on, but from the shock I saw on their faces when I entered, I gather that she didn’t. They wouldn’t look at me basically the whole. Only my husband and children. I found this quite rude. Her teacher was much more comfortable with it and actually made eye contact when speaking to me. After listening to what I’ve already heard from her previous school about her disabilities, we got our papers from the counselor, who seemed like she couldn’t wait to be done with the meeting, and left.

Then later on, my husband and I went on sort of a double date, with the sister he’s being a wakil for and her intended. Sort of awkward since it was their first face to face, so naturally they were nervous. We went to a restaurant and I had to master eating under my niqab, I think I did quite while, even though some of the food ended up on my abaya and then the floor.


5 thoughts on “What Are You?

  1. Subhanallah, poor kids. The are so use to seeing nakedness that they barely know what modesty is. But seriously, how do we explain to kids why we dress the way we do?

    I’ve had a chinese lady screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw me sitting covered head to toe in black. Well the place was preety dark (in Atlantis, Dubai) and I wanted to scare her even more so I just sat like a statue and she called her family to come and look at me! And when they were close, I purposely made a sudden movement and they freaked out like anything and I walked away and couldn’t control my laugh. It was pure fun. I wish someone recorded that day!

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