There’s A First Time For Everything

My husband and I were invited to a muslim sister’s retirement party. Eyebrow raised, I said I would accompany him. I know some people who will be there, who see me in niqab, but my mother-in-law is coming, who has only seen me in niqab once.
When my husband and I owned a store, she popped by one weekend and saw me sitting there in niqab. Out of shock and not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, I flipped it back. She was surprised, but didn’t make a fuss over it. So tonight will be the first official time she’ll see me in niqab. It makes me nervous for some reason. I don’t think she’ll say anything or act differently, but for some reason, I’m nervous about it.
Then to top it off, I made a joke about there being a dj at the party and my husband said, “there probably will be.” I made this joke because I went to her son’s anniversary party and was quite confused and unhappy to see a dj when I got there. I’m thinking, “ain’t this a muslim event. What the heck?” So I think you can all guess I’m not too excited about tonight, but I think its looks bad when we’re invited somewhere as a couple, and only 1 of us goes. Like there’s discord or something. So I’ll put on my happy face (that no one can see lol) and hopefully somewhat enjoy my night. But if anyone breaks out the electric slide, I’m outta there. Lol.


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