New Places, New Disgusted Faces

Yesterday, hubby, the kids, and I went to a new shoprite on our way home from the meat store. The moment we went to get a cart, the looks of disgust began. I’m like, “uhhh, ok, he;s rude but whatever.” We went in and everyone at the entrance was at a stand still because some lady was blocking the walkway with her cart. So annoying. I hate when people block the way or hog the aisle. We finally got in and started for the produce section, stares, stares, and more stares. I started wondering if I was just imagining things. Nope, they were actually being rude and insensitive. We browsed through the store, all the while I was getting more and more aggravated. Very uncomfortable experience. I was so happy to get out that store, only to have to wait for my husband to come out and this lady stared at me like I was about to stick up the joint. Lol.


One thought on “New Places, New Disgusted Faces

  1. I can definitely relate to this, this sounds like my normal trip to the grocery store its so frustrating at times when people don’t respect us or understand but insha’Allah it will be easy for us!

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