Do I Know You?

After jumu’ah, my cousin got married so my family and I went and had lunch with him and his new wife. I am proud to say I have now successfully eaten with my niqab on!!!!!! yayyyy. Although it was only a blt and some fries, I was proud of myself. Especially since I managed to finish without getting grease stains on my niqab from the bacon. So we ate and talked and then went our separate ways. Then we went to my mom-in-law’s house. She watched the kids while we went to pray maghrib and went to pathmark. While in pathmark, we ran into my husband’s brother’s brother (I know it sounds weird). He’s never seen me in niqab in family events, so when he saw me, he acted like he didn’t even know me and looked at me like ugh, just go. But being that he’s really no one to me, that’s fine.

Yesterday hubby and I went to NYC to see the spiderman play and eat at red lobsters. First, when we got to the parking lot and were handing the keys to the guy who worked there, he said, “Why does she have to wear that black thing?” and my husband replied that it was a religious obligation to cover, but the color black wasn’t necessary. The play, ummm, the second half was good. I probably could’ve focused a little more if it weren’t for the little BIG boy turning around and watching me as much as he was the play.

Then we went to go eat, of course we were sat allllllll the way in the back of the restaurant, so I had to pass a bunch of people to get to my seat. Then another couple came, who just could not get enough of me, turning completely around to stare at me. Being as though I was celebrating my anniversary (which is really aug. 1st, but we celebrated sept. 1st so we wouldn’t take time away from ramadan), I didn’t wanna cause a scene during my happy day. Then we left and walked around time square and looked at what other plays were going on. Interesting that I saw so many muslims there, I was surprised. Got stares and had to stare back at a few people, but good day.

Bye, bye from niqabi land.


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