What A Weekend!

Firstly, a late EID MUBARAK to all the muslims and may Allah accept your fasting. Ameen. So my weekend started off with going to get my Eid abaya on friday after jumu’ah. Silly me, finding an abaya and only checking the length and not trying it on. So I bought it, then went back in to get ones for my daughter, son,  and step daughter. We all got home and anxiously tried them on. Daughter’s- a little long but I can hem that. Step daughter- perfect fit, but uhh why doesn’t it have sleeves? Weird. Son- another perfect fit, ending a few inches above the ankles. Now mine- not so perfect. Too long and wayyyyyyyyy to wide. So I thought, maybe it’s an overhead, but when I put it over my head, it became too short and still too wide. Bummer.

Saturday- We went to walmart to get water and snacks for the eid. My niqab got a few more stares than usual, but one lady took the cake. I started to come down the aisle and saw her staring at me with such disgust with her hands on her hips. I looked straight ahead, but could see her eyeing me the whole time. So when I got a little bit past her and saw she was still staring and turning her head to follow me, I stopped, looked her up and down, and she looked for another second and then turned away. Then I walked away shaking my head. I tell ya. So rude. Then we went to my husband’s family reunion in the park and I had a rather funny conversation. It went a little something like this. A boy, probably about 9 or 10 walked up to me and poked me and said, “You go to church?” Shocked, I asked, “What did you say?” “You go to church?” “No.” “What church you go to?” “I don’t go to church.” “You’re dressed like you work at a church.” After my loud chuckle, “I am?” “Yeah, so why you wearing that then?” “Because I’m muslim.” “No, you go to church. When you wear this, it makes people think you work at a church.” “Ok, good to know.” Then right before he walked away, he said, “You go to church.” Mind you, my husband’s mom, some of her friends, and his sister-in-law are watching this whole fiasco. Oh boy. Uhh that was awkward to say the least. After leaving there, we went to return my abaya. I was sooo happy to see the store hadn’t close yet, since it was now 8:58 pm. I was able to exchange it for another one that I had the sense to try on in the store this time. Great. now we’re ready for the Eid. I got home and ironed what outfits needed to be ironed and went to sleep.

Sunday- Woke up bright and early to start getting ready. First monkey wrench in the plans, my husband needed his thoub hemmed. So I took about 20 minutes to do that, which really threw off the schedule. Got the kids up, gave them bathes and got everyone dressed. Only problem is the salat is at 8:30 and it was now almost 7:15 and the park we were going to is almost an hour away. We zoomed out the house and I prayed there wasn’t traffic. No traffic, alhamdulillah, so we got there around 8:10, but the salat didn’t start until about 9:15 anyway. I was so aggravated because although they had tarps for the brothers to sit and pray on, the women had nothing. If you didn’t bring folding chairs or a blanket, you were outta luck. And I was not about to sit on the grass and ruin my abaya. No way. So we had to stand almost right until the salat began, until a sister passed out garbage bags to sit on. It was a tight squeeze since my daughter, son, step daughter, and myself all had to sit on one bag. Then my youngest son started crying, so I had to take him out of his car seat and fit him on the bag as well. After the salat, we went and sat on the stone bleachers, which now had space because people were scattering about, even though you’re not supposed to leave until the eid khutbah is over.

Sadly, all day I saw half hijabs, if they can even be called that. Most people around here get their garments made for eid, so it confused me that a sister would get a garment made that she knew wasn’t proper hijab. What’s the point? Others just went the route of buying regular tight dresses and slapping a khimar on their heads. If I can see your pantie lines, that means you don’t need to be wearing that. Lol. We stayed there for a while and the kids went on bouncy houses and into the park, but it was soooo many bees there. After leaving, we got some food and decided to go bowling. I lost to my 2 year old, who of course had assistance, but you can’t tell him that. Lol. After changing out of our clothes when we got home and cleaning up a little, we were all so tired and went to sleep. Too bad for me, my 7 month old wasn’t as tired.

Welp, I hope everyone enjoyed their eid. Bye bye from niqabi land.


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