Niqabis Have Kids Too

Today, a sister and I took our kids to Kidz Village. It has different play rooms, like a kitchen, dress-up, grocery shopping,tool shop, and a jungle gym. I knew the experince would be awkward, so I was happy to have another niqabi with me. When we first walked in, the girl at the front desk saw us and her whole expression changed to pure annoyance. After we paid and got our hands stamped, we were let in. As soon as we entered, the parents were SMACK in your face, sitting down and walking around. If was as if everyone turned around to look at us. The first person I caught staring longer than usual, unfortunately got the brunt of my attitude, as I made sure she saw me roll my eyes at her. I felt a little bad afterwards, but I hadn’t been stared at this much in quite some time. In this array of stares and wide eyes, we were trying to figure out which room to play in. I couldn’t even think straight because I felt so uncomfortable. We finally went into the tool shop. Then the grocery store. I could feel people watching our every move and hoped our kids weren’t feeling the tension. The sister and I split up for a while and went in different rooms, but when we met up again I was disturbed to hear one of the kids try to hit her with something. Wow. Where are the parents to correct their childrens’ ignorance? Oh, too busy staring and laughing. It’s a shame.

I felt some of them were looking at our kids with pity and that’s what pissed me off the most. These poor kids with khimars and kufis on. Please, my kids have the best start in life, already knowing who their Lord is and what their purpose is on this earth. The people definitely took away from my enjoying the experience with my children. Well that and my 22 lb. son on my hip. Lol. Won’t be going there again. As a niqabi, it’s best for me to be in an open space when every now and then, I can step away from the stares and take a deep breath.

Bye bye after a weird day in niqabi land.


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