Really, Security Guard?

Yesterday, I took my kids and my step daughter to the movies to see Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. It was my first time to this theatre, so I was a little nervous. We walked in and my nerves, for the most part, went away. We got our tickets and went into the theatre. I dreaddddd getting to where the seats are and finding none, so I was pleasantly surprised to only see about 6 people in there so far. We walked up to almost the top row and took our seats. After a bunch of previews, the movie started. About an hour into the movie, it was time for asr. Not wanting to delay my salat, I prayed in the theatre, sitting down. While I was praying, I could see someone seem like they left and came back, out the corner of my eye. I thought nothing of it. Then a security guard came in, walked all the way up to the row right below mine, looked up at me and then left. I’m like, ‘Ok, maybe he’s checking for people trying to film the movie or something.’. But the second time, changed my mind. When he walked to the exact same point again and this time looked longer, I figured the person who got up while I was praying probably reported ‘strange activities from that girl with her face covered’. I was really bothered by the security guard’s actions. It really made me wanna leave, but the kids would’ve missed the rest of the movie.

Well at least I enjoyed the movie, but I don’t know if I’ll be going back there. I should’ve been the one reporting people for talking the whole movie. Lol. But, what can you expect from the disbelievers? Unless I’m showing my every precious jewel, I’m not normal. If being naked while clothed is liberation, then I prefer being oppressed!

Bye bye from niqabi land.


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