Inquisitive Starer

Today we ventured out to the dollar store to get cheap toys and books for the kiddies. I walked in and ducked into the first toy aisle I saw and found a bunch of kids. Honestly, I was waiting for, ‘Hey ninja’, but alhamdulillah it never came. Finding nothing good in that aisle, we moved on to the next. This lady saw me, stopped, walked down the aisle to check me out, and then went to a different aisle. Uhhh ok.  I saw her a few other times and started to wonder if she was following me although she probably wasn’t. Overall it was an ok experience. I really just tried not to pay attention, but at times just felt the eyes on me. But at least I found some good toys and books to satisfy my son’s dinosaur obsession, my daughter’s dream to be a princess, and my infant’s need to get something to chew on. Then we went to the park. I unloaded the kids as the older men across the street watched my EVERY move. It felt so creepy. Masha Allah, when we got into the park, we realized it was still wet from the rain a few nights ago so we went back to the car and I again was under surveillance. ‘Don’t worry. The muslims are leaving’, that’s what I wish I had screamed.

Bye bye from niqabi land.


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