Icey Niqab

I haven’t written a whole lot about my outings in niqab lately because I’m starting to master the art of not giving a crap. Lately I’ve been to walmart, toys r us, pathmark, and today I took the kids to see ice age and then to the park. Only on one or two occasions did I notice people gawking. For the most I just focus on what I’m doing and ask Allah to give me patience with people.
When I walked into the movies, I was pleasantly surprised to see someone holding the door open for me as I struggled to get in with 2 kids and a stroller. But in line were people staring at me like they wish I never came through the door. Whatever, I kept my eyes front and hyped up my kids for ice age. I have NEVER seen soooo many previews before a movie. There had to be at least 8. But the movie was cute, even brought a tear to my eye in the beginning. Lol. Yes I cry off of kids’ movies.
Looking forward to ramadan, where shaytan won’t be around to whisper for me to take my niqab off or flip it back. And looking forward to taraweeh. Yayyyy. I hope everyone enjoys and makes the most of their ramadan and fasting and increases in their worship of Allah and their good deeds.


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