Ayah That Soften My Heart

Everyday I try to read at least 5 pages of the Qur’an and I write down the verses that soften or touch my heart. So insha Allah each day, I’ll now by writing one of the verses I jolt down in my notebook as a post. I hope the words of Allah are a beneficial reminder to the believers who read them and a guide to the disbelievers who read them.


4 thoughts on “Ayah That Soften My Heart

  1. I’m trying to read a transliteration of the Q’uran, but it’s not easy, as I don’t know any Muslims where I live. But as to this post, you didn’t write down the verses!

    • The verse is in my most recent post from surah al baqarah. Maybe you can find a qur’an with transliteration online. I have one that’s translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan with arabic, transliteration, and english. Very helpful.

    • AsSalams,

      Insh’Allah you can learn the arabic soon trust me its easier than it may perceive. They say the best places to find Muslims is at the mosques (masjids) especially as we near the month of fasting, Ramadan, and insh’Allah you can find someone there who can help you learn the alphabet etc.

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