I Found It, I Found It

Today, I went to the masjid by what will be my new house insha Allah. As I went to change my son’s diaper, I unfolded the attached changing pad from the diaper bag, and LO and BEHOLD! My favorite niqab!!!! I contained myself only because it was in the middle of the khutbah and I didn’t wanna blow my reward by talking. I’m sooooooooo happy. It’s so wrinkled, but I don’t even care. To get to jumu’ah, I wore a niqab I had since before I got married that I stumbled across while looking for a khimar. I totally forgot I even had this particular niqab, but its not the type I like. It’s a niqab that doesn’t have a headband and covers from the nose down. I don’t like them because either they’re too tight that they push up my bottom eyelid or so loose that it hanging down by my nostrils. But I wore it all the same, but now the sheriff is back in town and I’m so relieved. Lol.
Oh and no, I have absolutely no idea how my niqab got in there, since to open the changing pad you have to zipper down both sides and unfold it twice. (Mystery music) I guess we’ll never know. Hahaha.


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