Dawah With Mama

I’ve had a few religious decisions with my mom, who is a jehovah’s witness. Some good, some not so great, in the sense that a lot of what – was saying, she refused to see the logic in. Today we had another talk after some people from her religion came to my door. She was so excited as if I could be brought back to ‘the truth’ but uhh, I am upon the truth and insha Allah, will be at the moment Allah takes my soul.
Anyway, we spoke about some differences in our beliefs concerning does God cause bad things to happen, does God control our fate, why were we created, and are we tested. She even read a verse to me from the Qur’an to try and prove me wrong about following other than the bible. Of course upon reading the verse myself, I see if she had read the next verse, she would’ve had no argument in the first place. But the conversation ended on a good note when we talked about why God created us. She said we were created to be in paradise. I said, ‘do you not believe God is All-Knowing?’. She said ‘of course’, so I then asked, ‘so didn’t He know Adam and Eve would eat from the tree and be thrown out of paradise, and we would all reside here?’ ‘Uh, uh, uh, let me read.’ Minutes later after listening to her read out loud, she asked my brother, who also had no answer, and then she said she would write it down and research and call me back. I was so excited, hoping this would open her eyes and heart to see the falsehoods in her religion and the truth in mine. Around 10pm, I got a text saying she would call me in the morning with the answer and a verse from the bible to show God doesn’t test his believers. So I sent her back 4 verses from the Qur’an, showing He does. So insha Allah tomorrow we’ll speak and I pray it goes well and Allah guides her to Islam. Make du’a for her please.


4 thoughts on “Dawah With Mama

  1. I wish my non muslim mother was more at least willing to discuss these matters. May Allah make it easy for us all. Sometimes I really wish my mother saw Islam as the truth, like I do. To me, its so obvious…but to her it is not:(

    • Ameen. She has her moments where I can tell she starting to say the truth in what I’m saying, but then shaytan puts the doubts back in her mind. May Allah guide both our mothers. Ameen.

  2. It seems your mom made a mistake in her answer. Asking if God is all-knowing could be construed as a trick question. God does not foreknow & foreordain everything. If God foreordained & foreknew Adam’s sin & all that would result from it, that would mean that by creating him, God deliberately set in motion all the wickedness committed in human history. But that could not be so since His Word clearly states: “You are not a God taking delight in wickedness.” – Ps. 5:4. “God …cannot lie.” – Titus 1:2. “God is love.” – 1John 4:8. “He is a lover of righteousness and justice.” – Ps. 33:5. Just some food to ponder on.

    Q: Are there any white people in the Islam faith? African? Italian? Irish? Russian?

    • To start off answering your question, there are people of every race in islam. There is no racism in islam. No person is above another because of their nationality or skin color.
      God knows every single thing that will happen until the Day of Judgment. To say that He doesn’t is limiting His Wisdom and abilities. For example with Adam, of course God knew Adam would eat from the tree, but this was a test for him. God could’ve simply not made the tree or hid the tree, but instead He placed it there as a test for Adam. Likewise God created Satan, who incites evil in people, so are you then saying God didn’t know satan would be evil and try to lead people astray. And I’m not saying God is not evil or wicked, but it is people who bring evil upon themselves with their evil deeds.
      God is All- Knowing and to say He’s not is saying He created us without a purpose because He didn’t know what we would do or if anyone would even know or worship Him.
      You’re saying when God told Moses to part the sea, He didn’t actually know if Moses would drown or not. Saying God doesn’t know what the future holds for each of us is contrary to many of your own beliefs.

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