Niqab Meltdown

So after getting the family dressed for jumu’ah, I realized (horror music) my niqab was nowhere to be found. Now most sisters I know are like me, and have a favorite niqab. So when I looked around and didn’t see my favorite, I was frantic. I looked in the hamper, behind things in the living room, in my bedroom, and the car. I remembered the last time I had it was in the car, but it was nowhere to be seen. I went back into the house and checked the same spots somehow expecting it to be there. I finally started looking for my other niqabs. One had thread hanging over the slit for the eyes and looked beat up and the other got burnt by my iron and looked like I had tried to draw a mouth on it or something. But the latter had another layer that covered the eyes and would therefore cover the burnt spot, so I opted to wear that one. So we went to jumu’ah, me still wondering where the heck my favorite niqab was. I walked into the masjid on the sisters’ side, which is where the classrooms are. I don’t know if it was because it’s hot or because school is out, but the lights were off. That combined with the layer covering my eyes, made for a dark walk to the musalla. But nonetheless I made it there alhamdulillah.

After jumu’ah, I was soooo excited to go to the nearby muslim store and get a new niqab. I walked in and almost instantly saw my favorite one on the rack. I was so relieved. After picking it up, I looked around at a few underscarves and abayas for my daughter’s coming school year insha Allah. Then I noticed a niqab still in the package. Foolishly assuming it was the same niqab as the one in my hand, I put the niqab I had picked up back and brought the one in the package. I paid and walked back to the car and when we had driven around the block, I opened it. “WHAT!!!!” It was not my favorite niqab. It had the piece of fabric in the middle of the slit for the eyes, which I hate because it always seems to move. Then it had gold trimming all along the edges. I don’t have a single garment with gold in it or a gold khimar, so instantly I thought, “This won’t match with anything.” I was and am sooo sad.

So this was my niqab meltdown. I hope you understand my pain. Lol.


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