Hadith Of The Day- Suspicions

Abu Haraira narrated that the Prophet s.a.w. said: “Beware of suspicion. For verily,suspicion is the falsest of speech. And do not meddle and do not spy. Do not rival one another nor be envious of each other or hate one another nor turn your back on one another. And be the servants of Allah and brothers as He has ordered you. The muslim is the brother of his fellow muslim. He does not oppress, nor deceive him, nor belittle him. And taqwa is here, taqwa is here, taqwa is here. (He said this while pointing at his chest). It is evil enough for a man to disdain his muslim brother. A muslim is sacred to another muslim in entirety :  his blood, his honor, and his wealth. Verily, Allah looks not to your bodies, nor you shape, but rather He looks at your heart and your deeds.”

Sahih Al- Bukhari and Muslim


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