You Get That Reaction Because You Wear Black. Huh?

So after eating breakfast at ihop, we went to the local mall. Now there was added stress on this trip because very recently in my area, a woman was approached in the mall by security twice and told to remove her ‘mask’, he was of course referring to her niqab. So on the way there, shaytan kept trying to make me believe the same would happen to me, but I wore it none the less. Alhamdulillah nothing like this happened. Just the usual stares. Walking through the fragrance department was funny because they were offering perfumes left and right, but when I passed…. Nothing. Not that I wanted it but their awkwardness was amusing. Then we went to go see madagascar 3 with my mom-in-law. Cute movie. Then we went to the park to see off a couple we know who are moving. It was an insulting yet common conversation unfortunately. She was telling me the reactions she’s gotten from people where she’s moving and that its much more harsh when she wears all black. Not niqab but all black hijab. I shared some experiences as well and she said its because you wear black. Now mind you, I usually wear a black abaya with a balck and some other color khimar or just a one color peach, white, or purple khimar so while I don’t agree with the statement, its her opinion. She went on to say lime green and bright colors such as this are proper hijab and this bothers me because one of the conditions of hijab is that it not draw attention and beautify you more.
I guess light colors and sisters wearing pants and the like make people feel (as they say in america) that you’re a moderate muslim. I don’t believe there’s any such muslim because according to this country’s definition of a ‘moderate muslim’ it is one who’s muslim, but basically does what everyone else does. The ‘moderate muslims’ they show on tv are the ones saying islam needs to be modified according to the times, the Qur’an should be revised is some aspects, that women don’t have to cover, that men don’t have to grow beards or wear their pants above their ankles, and the worst one I heard, that a muslim only has to pray as many salah a day as he can, whether that be 1, 2, or 3. WHAT? So my definition of a ‘moderate muslim’ is one who is lazy in their religion.
But back to the topic at hand, I was a little taken aback to hear her say this. I don’t get that response because I’m wearing all black. I get it simply because I’m muslim. I get that response because I practice islam and testify to la ilaha ill Allah, muhammadar rasullah. I get that response because I believe in the one true God. So I’ll take that response everyday for believing in the truth.


3 thoughts on “You Get That Reaction Because You Wear Black. Huh?

  1. Hey Kazemah, Interesting blog! 🙂 I have slightly different perspective towards the changing aspect of Islam or the ‘moderate Muslim’. I think that changes are must. Many of the shariah’s and laws were written at the time when things were different and those laws played cardinal importance in bringing good changes at that time, but nowadays, people are using the same laws for wrong purposes. For e.g. At old times, one man was asked to marry 4 women because of many good reasons (if husband died in war or she doesn’t have anyone who can take care of her or any other issue). But nowadays, people are marrying women for fun, just for sheer pleasure. Sheikhs marry women and call it a ‘good thing’! It doesn’t make sense. There are many who also are doing good deeds, but what I’ve seen things are changing and people are using the laws for wrong purposes. I think, things needs to be modified accordingly.
    Cheers, Aadil

    • Islam and the laws that Allah revealed to His Messeneger s.a.w. Are for all times. Islam is perfect, the people who practice islam are not. If someone implements the shari’ah the wrong way, this doesn’t mean there’s any flaw in the law, but rather the flaw is in that person’s understanding and implementing that law. As far as a man taking 4 wives, if he can maintain them and be just between them then there’s no harm in this at all. Islam is Qur’an and sunnah whether its 1400, 1800, or 2012.

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