Smoke Coming From My Covered Ears

After dropping my daughter off at school, I went to walmart with my baby in tow. I didn’t see many cars there, so I was happy knowing I wouldn’t have to put up with too many people.  As soon as I got out my car and got my cart, this guy did a triple take and then just stared and I took a deep breath, like here we go. I walked in and got a few things by the doors. People were staring, but when I noticed I would just play with my son to distract myself. But the cashier was very nice so that balanced the experience. I went home and dropped off the stuff and lingered around the apartment for a while and then it was time to pick up the princess. Yes is school is only 2 hours and 25 minutes for pre-k here.

So I picked her from the cafeteria and headed to the stop and shop in my town. I usually go to the stop and shop by my husband’s job because I went to a store once where I live and it was a pretty uncomfortable and aggravating experience. My town is predominantly jewish, so the muslim lady doesn’t exactly fit in around here. So I walked in and got the stares I expected and some head turns. But the absolute worst part came when I got in line. My 4 year old wears a khimar and when we got in line, the boy in front of us said, “Mom, look at that”, pointing at my daughter. His mom said stop it, so I left it alone. Then he pointed in her face and said,” Ha, ha, ha, ha.” and screamed in her face. His mom said be nice and tried to turn him around. But he persisted and did the same thing. I gave him the look of death and he went to front of the register. He was EXTREMELY fortunate that my daughter was so focused on trying to pick out candy that she didn’t notice what he was doing and saying. I had imaginary smoke fuming out of my ears. I wanted to take him by his neck and throw him across the room. I was so upset. As any mother could imagine, I was seeing red. I’ve never seen such a rude kid in my life. It made me think of the ignorances my daughter will have to face, if she doesn’t already in school. I pray that Allah gives her the patience and strength to bear it.

From, A Very Angry Niqabi


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