Goldfish, Cats, Niqab, Oh My

Started out my day by going to the zoo by my house. Everytime I pass the pigs, I can’t help but think, “Ughhh, people really eat THAT!” Between dodging the geese poop and looking at the animals (who all seemed to be hiding), I didn’t have time to worry about people staring at me so I really enjoyed the stroll.

Then after eating and spending some time at my mom-in-law’s house, we stopped at petsmart on our way to the meat store. I got out the car with my niqab flipped back and sure enough, there was shaytan whispering, “You might make the animals go crazy, it’s already flipped back so just leave it now, someone’s dog might jump on you.” I flipped it down with some spunk and got my son out the car. After my husband and I  got the stroller and all my kids out the car, we went in and stopped at the fishes. Almost the whole left side of the wall was tanks full of goldfish. I had no idea there were so many different types. I asked the saleswoman if she had piranhas, but nope. I like seeing their teeth. Don’t know why, watching too much River Monsters. Then we moved on to seeing the cats. They were so cute and had their stories written outside of their cages about where they were rescued from and their personalities. Then we saw some birds, rats (yuck), mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. We tried to see the snakes, but they were all curled up under their wooden houses so we just saw a gecko and some frogs. My kids thought we were at a zoo I guess. Hey, I’m all for free fun. But all they really wanted to see were dogs. But there were no dogs there except the one getting trained so we took a quick look and left.

Then we were off to the meat store. Since we’re moving in August insha Allah, we drove from the meat store to the what will be the nearest masjid to the new apartment. I walked in and took a look around. I can’t wait to pray taraweeh in Ramadan insha Allah. Usually my kids make it close to impossible for me to pray all 11 rakah, but I try. 1 rakat feels better than none. Even if I can’t pray, it feels so nice to watch the muslims break their fasts together and then later on pray taraweeh. It softens the heart a great deal.

Well that’s it for now. Assalamu alaykum from niqabi land.


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