Get Some Manners

I just got back from Stop and Shop. Got more stares than usual, although I don’t know why. First there’s the lady who started to come down my aisle, looked at me and turned the other way quickly, but hey I definitely don’t mind having the aisle to myself. Next was the rudest person of the day. I turned out of my aisle and she was standing there with her son and said, ” Stay here, I’m just gonna get….” then she turned and looked at me and started to stutter, “I’m gonna get um, um, I’m gonna, um, um, gonna get, umm,” all of this while still staring at me and now drawing her son’s attention to me. I wanted to say, “Um, you’re gonna get some manners?” Then right when I had passed her, a group of young girls came towards me and stared one by one and then collectively so I shook my head and rolled my eyes at their ignorance. I’m not the boogeyman girls, I promise.

Then, the part I hate the most at any store, standing in line and checking out. I’m just standing there, stationary,1 `c so I can’t just walk past people and ignore their reactions. I can see them gawking at me and looking at me like some sad puppy. All the while I’m thinking, “Trust me, I pity you way more than you pity me.” So I’m standing on line behind the same group of girls who I would’ve lost the staring contest with earlier and I guess they didn’t get enough of my beautiful niqab before, so they decided to stare again, even checking to see what I saw looking at on the rack. Really?

I pay for my food and start towards the door and everyone I pass has to break their neck to follow me out with their eyes. Then while I’m crossing the parking lot to my car, the guy driving gets a good eyeful. Geesh, what a trip. But alhamdulillah I’m glad I wore my niqab. While driving there shaytan was whispering to me not to wear it and what if someone said or did something to me or my kids, but I told myself Allah will protect me from anyone’s evil and asked Allah to give me the strength to wear it for His Sake so I knew I would be ok.



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