‘Hi’, Said The Niqabi

Friday I went to jumu’ah in East Orange and heard a beneficial and much needed khutbah about not blind following anyone. Islam is based upon Qur’an and sunnah and nothing else. No one’s opinions or desires. All muslims would do well to remember this.

Anyway, Saturday I went to the mall with my family and met up with a sister I’ve known since before we both converted to Islam. It feels so much better walking around with another muslimah by your side, even if she’s not wearing niqab. It just boosts your resolve. We were in the store getting a few outfits for my kids when we noticed two little girls playing a sort of hide and seek with me. They would pop out from behind the clothes, look at me with their widened eyes and mouths and pop back behind the clothes. I said “Hi” and waved. The little girl continued with the same look and then looked at the sister like, “It speaks?”. LOL.

Then when we had all stopped to figure it which store we were going in next, this lady passed by and she looked at me like my niqab had poop smeared on it or something. Let’s just say she looked disgusted, to say the least. So I turned my head to watch her the  same way she was watching me. If it was permissible to take pictures, I might have asked her if she wanted to take one. Lol. Whatever happened to manners?

Then the sister and I went into a store to look for dresses for her. The store clerk was so nice and didn’t give me the usual, “You guys wear clothes?” face. The sister told me how she had began wearing niqab on and off. Yayyyy. I hope our outing together made her feel she could be comfortable wearing it as well insha Allah. My family and the sister parted ways and we left the mall. I was all to ready to flip my niqab back when I got in the car (tinted windows) because the mall was really, really hot and my face was feeling flustered.

Well till next time, bye bye from niqabi land.


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