Niqabi Shopping For A Bikini

I’m going to the virgin islands on thursday insha Allah, so hubby and I went shopping for a bikini and dresses. Now before you get the wrong idea, the villa we’re staying at has a private pool for each room and high walls for privacy, so that is the only time I’ll be wearing the bikini. The beach is a different story! Lol. But anyway, I went to the stotre and to the swimwear department. So of course, as anyone would expect, people were staring like, “uh, why on earth is she buying a bikini?” I got a pretty one and went looking for maxi dresses. found a real pretty blue one while an employee stared at me like I was on fire. So I locked on his stare and tried to put my feeling of “what the heck are you looking at” into my eyes. I guess he got the message because he kept it moving. But then a lady in the parking lot gave me a big smile and an hello, so that was uplifting.

But I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE ON THURSDAY INSHA ALLAH. I will miss my kids very much though.


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