Fish On My Niqab

Yesterday the family and I went to jumu’ah at a huge masjid about an hour from my house. Good khutbah and alhamdulillah my 4 month old stayed quiet. I really hate when I’m the one with the whiny kid during the khutbah. lol. After jumu’ah, we went to an african restaurant. This is where the problem began. I had decided I wouldn’t lift up my niqab to eat anymore. Little did I know, it would be so hard. I’ve seen other sisters do it, so I assumed I could too. I ordered grilled salmon, brown rice, and cabbage. Within no time, I was wishing all the brothers would leave the restaurant so I could flip that bad boy back and throw down, but instead more and more brothers came in. On top of that, hubby’s cousin who recently accepted Islam (alhamdulillah) came with us, so they sat at a different table, which meant I had to get the food to the mouths of my 3 children. So between breaking off pieces of chicken for my 2 year old, making sure my 4 year old wasn’t throwing her chicken under the table, and holding a smushed french fry in my 4 month old’s mouth for him to suck on, I was trying to put forkfuls under my niqab, without spilling it everywhere. And let’s not forget, I’M STARVING. After giving my kids a few pieces of chicken, a give them french fries hoping to steal a moment for myself, but my 4 month old had other plans. As soon as he realized I had taken the french fry out of his mouth and replaced it with his pacifier, he let out a scream I’m pretty sure everyone in the restaurant heard. So I snuck some fish under my niqab and got him another french fry. At that point I just gave up and decided to get my food to go and eat it in the car. We all finished and packed in the car and I commenced to tearing that food up. Lol. We waited for a sister came to pick up my 4 year old for the night and then we were off.

Then hubby and I took the two remaining kids to some parks. At the first one, one little girl stared but I don’t really mind when kids stare. I was pleasantly surprised to see my 2 year old could basically go off on his own and get to the slides. He even started going down head first and on his knees. Lol. Then we went to a bigger park. This little boy stared at me and wouldn’t look away. He started to walk towards me, as if he was memorized and when he got a few feet away stopped and tripped back to his mom. I found that quite funny. Then hubby and I switched kids so I could start playing with my 2 year old. At that time, the stares increased, like it was so weird that I would interact. But if was refreshing that one couple seemed somewhat happy to me, for whatever reason and cheered on my son and their daughter going down the slide. People like that make me feel happy that some parents won’t teach their children the same ignorance that makes people fear and dislike me.



One thought on “Fish On My Niqab

  1. No you actually had me cracking up when you said the thing about tearing up that food in the car… Girl I feel youuuu lol. MashaAllah, its sooo refreshing to read that another sister feels the same way I do.

    I like your blog, ur funny

    BarakAllahu feeki sis

    Salam alaykum warahmatullah

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