40 Year Old With No Manners

I went to the Stop and Shop today in my niqab..  Got the usual stares and double takes, but what bothered me the most was when this girl, who looked to be about 10, gawked at me, which isn’t unusual and I don’t mind as much because kids are naturally curious and especially the little ones, don’t really have good manners yet. But when her father proceeded to stare and at me and then turn his head to keep staring and then laugh with his daughter, was when I got pissed. A father and 40 year old man should know better and be an example to his kids. I find it hard to believe that a grown man was never taught it’s rude to stare and even ruder to heckle someone who’s done nothing to you. I would never allow my children to do this, so it’s a shame to see a man aiding his daughter to discriminating someone.


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