Niqabi in the Mall

As I wrote about 3 weeks ago, going to the mall is usually the biggest battle for me because of the amount of people, i.e. an enormous amount of stares and comments. so yesterday my family and I went to the mall to shop for the kids mostly, and so it began. muslims who look at me and then look away because I guess suddenly sisters in niqab don’t get salams. But one sister did salam me and it made me very happy, like ‘finally’. lol. so of course the kids store in one of the most cramped I’ve ever been in and I always wonder how the heck they ever pass inspections. I know from working in my husband’s business before that the aisles have to be big enough for a wheelchair to fit through and my stroller didn’t even fit.  So having to say excuse me about 30 times got me way more attention than if I were to just stroll past them. Walking through the food court was the worst part. People stare as if the thought of me eating is unbelievable.. Then I had to wait for my husband to make wudu and pray in the corner, so everyone was walking by and looking like I was a niqabi statue or something..

It’s funny, at least to me anyway, that I see soooo many things in the mall that I think are much more worthy of being stare at than myself. The two gay men dressed as girls walking through the mall like it’s a catwalk. Or the little girls dressed like they’re hitting the club tonight. But hey I guess that’s just me.


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