No, My Niqab Is Not Part of the Show

Yesterday my family and I went to the circus not too far from my house. It was at a rec. center, so I must admit, I thought it would be horrible but we all enjoyed it a lot. But boy, was it awkward.

While waiting in the car while my husband got the tickets, I was giving myself a hundred reasons not to wear my niqab. The kids will be scared, everyone will stare, it’ll ruin the experience but I reminded myself of why I wear it (for the sake of Allah) and made du’a that I would have patience with others. So I flipped it down from the top of my head and ventured out the car. Almost as soon as I got out and got the stroller, I hear ‘Assalamu alaykum’ from a sister walking by. It calmed my nerves so much to know there was another muslim woman there.

So we walk in and go past all the people still on line for tickets, so I think some were staring at my niqab and others were staring wondering if we were cutting them. Lol. We get to the bleachers and uhhh there’s no seats anywhere in sight. So as I stand there surveying the room for seats, many people were sitting and surveying me. So the announcer says the show can’t start until everyone is sitting, so people need to move over to make room for others. Some people move, but being that I have a stroller, I have to be on the end and pretty much in the first couple rows. A woman comes over and says we can come seat by her. To my horror, the seat is all the way on the other side of the room. So I take a deep breath and my family and I start to walk. Although my heart is beating fast and my mind is racing, I hold my head up and walk with confidence. We get there and the people in the row above where the seats are, are looking at me like ‘i hope you’re not sitting here’. Then this lady and her two kids try to slide into our seats. She couldn’t see it but my eyebrows were raised as high as they could be as I thought to myself, ‘I know she aint trying to take our seats’, but then the lady who offered us the seats said, “No they’re seating there.”

Then the show began. Fire breathing, balancing acts, girls twirling through the air and dancing with lots of hula hoops, a clown, and plenty of flips. It was very nice. During the intermission, my daughter desperately had to use the bathroom. I marched through the crowds of people to get there with almost everyone gawking along the way. I was thinking, ‘no, I’m not the entertainment for the intermission. The ponies are.’ On our way out the bathroom I swung the door open and heard “OW”, but he laughed it off, so I said sorry and laughed back to my seat. A few more flips and ohs and ahs and the show was over.

Good time and good laughs.


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