Do I Have a Booger on My Niqab?

Today I went to Stop and shop in my niqab. Uhhhh not quite the experience I had the last time.One lady looked at me down the whole aisle and then when I passed her, she turned so hard, I I wondered if it hurt her neck. I should’ve said, “Excuse me miss. Do I have a booger on my niqab?” A lot of double takes. When it started to bother me some, I called a sister to distract myself. Then a lady was in the same aisle but my back was to her, but when I started walking, she saw me and said a weird “oh” and then proceeded to follow me for about 2-3 aisles. I was about to go in a maze to see how long this charade would continue, but then she stopped.

The woman who bagged my groceries just kept looking at me every 20 seconds at the counter. I t was annoying me, but I just ignored it.

But on the up side- i got me some delicious oatmeal cookies. yummmmm.


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