Learning Gratefulness From Syrians

I’m sitting here watching a cnn program called ’72 hours under fire’. They’re getting bombed, shot, forced out of their homes, partically starved and still proclaiming Allahu akbar (Allah is Greatest) through all of this. It’s make me suddenly feel very ungrateful. Makes me feel ashamed for not seeing and appreciating the everyday blessings in my life.

I see someone carrying a wounded or dead child, someone else rationing out diapers, kids fleeing their homes after it just got shelled. But here I am just last night complaining of how I need a bigger apartment, shooing away my kids so I can watch tv, wishing I had more cookies and snacks, when these muslims are losing everything, Their husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, friends, homes, meals. Everything.

But meanwhile I have all these things. I say ‘Bismillah’ before I eat and drink, but not really feeling the gratitude that I should. Not realizing the blessings that Allah has given to me, the blessings that others have not received. My kids have all the room inside and outside to play, while these kids are living in safe houses, in darkness, fearful for their lives

May Allah grant me gratitude and the wisdom to know my blessings. Amin.

I hope that anyone who reads this makes dua for the muslims in Syria.


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