Hadith of the Day- Backbiting

Ubayda reported that someone came and showed the Messanger s.a.w. two women who were fasting and said that they were dying of thirst. The Messanger s.a.w. turned away silently refusing to give permission for them to break their fast.  Therefore, the man begged him again mentioning that the women were on the verge of death. The Messanger s.a.w. then said: “Bring them to me and bring along a bowl.”. When they came to him, he turned to one and told her to vomit in the bowl. She complied, spitting up a mixture of vomit, blood, pus and pieces of flesh that half-filled the bowl. He then turned to the other woman and had her do the same. After the bowl was filled, he said: “Verily, these two have fasted from what Allah has made halal for them and broke fast from what Allah has made haram. They spent their fast eating the flesh of others.”.



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