Niqab and The Lorax

Today I went out in my niqab to an 8 o clock showing of The Lorax. I was very pleasantly surprised that the cashier was very courtesy and didn”t do the usual lean in before I even talked, thinking I’d have close to no voice under my niqab. It was mostly college kids in the lobby and people turned and looked but no stares. Could it be that there’s hope for this generation yet? Are the youth becoming more tolerant? From experience, I know that older people tend to stare a lot longer and harder and usually shake their heads or look at me like “you poor girl” because it’s extra unusual to them.

Went into my movie and luckily there were plenty of seats, so I marched my kids and myself up to the top row and watched a funny kids movie. It was good and has a message. Plus I had a good laugh at the previews.

Then I went to Stop and Shop, in desperate need of waterrrrrrrr. The worker, who I assume was taking a break, saw me and took a few steps back to watch me walk through the door and get my cart. Mostly college kids in there again as it was late so I guess that’s when they come out to shop, they would see me, pause in their convo and keep it moving. Works for me. The cashier was very nice again. Gotta start going shopping at night more, because day-time shopping seems to bring a lot more unpleasantries. LOL

Walking down the frozen foods aisle, I saw a boy with his butt hanging out, pants ready to drop at any moment and I thought to myself in that moment, “And I’m the one who looks strange? WOW.”.


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