Why Are My Own Brothers and Sisters Against Me?

I’m very confused as to why many muslims are against and even sometimes hate niqab. I’m not saying every muslim woman has to wear niqab because I personally follow the opinion that it is recommended, not obligatory,but for another muslim to look down upon those who choose to wear it, really disappoints me.

I do not in any way look down upon a sister who chooses not to wear niqab, but for some reason, many look down upon me. I’ve had muslims tell me that women who wear the niqab ruin the image of Islam, and that our wearing it is disrespectful and even disgusting.

I am baffled by this remark because they are now saying that the wives of the Prophet s.a.w. were disrespectful and disgusting. That our mothers were disrespectful and disgusting. Many muslims will not even return my salams, at times I try to tell myself they didn’t hear me, but when they look at me when they hear me and still don’t respond, it’s pretty hard to convince myself of this.

What ever happened to uplifting your sister, encouraging her? Instead some choose to put you down and it hurts so much more because while you expect this from non-muslims, this reaction from a muslim is shocking and strange.

This is the sunnah. I don’t know any scholar who says niqab is disliked or haram. All knowledgable scholars say it is recommended or obligatory or has become obligatory because of the fitnah of today’s times.

Then are the muslims who say niqab is only cultural and ask why we wear it in america? Or that is it out-dated and ancient. Since when does Islam only apply in certain places or times? Islam, as it was revealed to the Prophet s.a.w., is for all of mankind, in every place, until the Day of Judgement.

Whether she covers her face or not, she is your sister in Islam. If your personal opinion is that women shouldn’t wear it, then so be it. You don’t have to wear niqab, but it is sunnah and someone should never be discouraged or made to feel ashamed for practicing the sunnah. You don’t change Islam to fit your opinions and desires, you change your opinions and desires to fit Islam.

Allahu musta’ an.


4 thoughts on “Why Are My Own Brothers and Sisters Against Me?

  1. Assalamualaikum sister!

    I totally support your view! I believe niqab is recommended and if a sister likes she is free to embrace it. And I understand all the sisters who are happy with just the hijab (like myself) but in no way does that justify looking down on or ill treating a niqab wearing sister. People need to understand that pleasing others is pointless because it’s all about pleasing Allah (SWT). Not wearing niqab might make us less intimidating to non-muslims but why should we care?! In the end will they be there to help us?!

    I pray that Allah (SWT) guides all the sisters who have ill-treated you!

    Although I’m not wearing a niqab I just want you to know that you have my support! I find sisters such as yourselves amazing! Alhamdulillah you are indeed beautiful and brave! Inshallah I might wear niqab too someday ^^

  2. I want to wear niqab but this is exactly what I am afraid of… I can deal with non Muslims because they don’t know any better but I am just afraid of judgment from my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam…

    • At the end of the day, it only matters if Allah is pleased with you. The people will never be pleased with you one way or another. Its a shame muslims act this way, but that’s on them if they would rather not love a sister because I wear niqab. Once you wear niqab, and feel the security and happiness it gives you, you’ll loveeeeee it insha Allah.

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