Who is truly oppressed?

Today I remembered a question I asked some time ago on yahoo answers. I asked “Who is more oppressed? The covered muslim woman or the half-naked woman? While I found some who agreed with me that the half-naked woman was the oppressed one, I also found many who somehow believed the half naked woman was liberated and respectable because she could show her ‘stuff’.

I  cover my face and body firstly in obedience to Allah and secondly because it gives me honor, self respect, virtue, dignity, and all that is beautiful and precious about hijab and niqab. I choose who can see my body and face. I choose to be recognized for my mind and not my figure. People can say differently, but who really values the word of a woman when you’re too busy staring at her cleavage?

The half-naked woman is truly oppressed because she has been raised with the mentality of ‘if you got it, flaunt it’. She has been taught her body is her what will help her achieve success in life, will be what attracts her husband. The bigger she is, the smaller her breasts are, the less valuable she is in the eyes of others. Whereas I know my value is in my piety, my knowledge, my kindness and other noble virtues.

I’m not oppressed because I choose to keep my beauty for my husband, I’m liberated by it. I must be seen for who Iam, not what I look like.


3 thoughts on “Who is truly oppressed?

  1. As Salam Alaikum sis, first off thanks for following my blog also and second I love your post. I agree with you totally that half-covered women are the oppressed because I was one of them before I converted to Islam 4 years ago. Thanks for your posts and keep them coming! Amani Zaiane

  2. you are very intellect keep holding on tight to the sunnah of prophet muhammed saaws..may allah reward you because your writting are very beneficials, i read them all, so funny yet halal… still you try your best to never forget the remenbrance of allah!

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