I started wearing the niqab (face veil) when I was 20 years old..  I wear it because I feel it brings me closer to my Lord, increases me in piety, and makes me more aware of my actions and words because I am a representation of Islam.

Over the years I’ve experienced many rude stares and comments, being followed around stores, and called ignorant names, even while with my children. Many people forget that there is a person with feelings behind the piece of cloth that covers my face. People forget to give me the common courtesy of not staring, of not showing and/or voicing their disgust for the way I choose to dress.

Many times I would sit in the car before going into the store and give myself reasons not to wear niqab. Not feeling like being stared at, not wanting to hear the ignorance, only to go into the store and have people tell how pretty I am, to have men come up and ask me where I’m from, only to check me out while asking. I removed my niqab and found myself feeling naked and wishing so much that I had worn it.

Then one day, I realized I removed my niqab to please others, to make them comfortable, at the expense of pleasing myself and most importantly, at the expense of pleasing my Lord. And so I decide here and now, not to put anything over doing what I feel is pleasing to Allah. Over doing what I feel is best and protects me from the stares that have much worse intentions than the ones I receive while wearing my niqab.

I’m writing this as an outlet, a diary of sorts, about my everyday moments of joy and happiness and moments where I an only shake my head at others.

Enjoy my journey!


One thought on “Intro

  1. Asalamalakum, you are so brave!!! there are so many pressures that society puts on us individuals…its scary for real..but doing it for a better and more rewarding cause (like to be closer to the Lord) is just something special in itself. I hear ya. Props!

    nice to meet you..and finally found your very first post! lol

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